Golden Royal Honey
Golden Royal Honey

Golden Royal Honey


24 sachets (10g each) in 1 box.
Pure Honey : 93%
Royal Jelly : 1%
Radiex Eurycoma Herb Longifolia : 5%
Radiex Panax Ginseng : 1%


Golden Royal Honey perceived to be the characteristic supporter supplement for the Testosterone hormone ‘as indicated by the clinical and lab assessment’ because of its exact equation which goes about as phytotherapy demonstrated sexual execution promoter, just as substitution treatment and medicine as Injections, Gels, Patches and substantially more.

– Enhance resistance.

– Prevent joint pain and numerous sclerosis.

– Treat asthma.

– Slow the indications of maturing.

– Stimulate hair development.

– Improve sexual execution.

– Reduce the side effects of menopause.

– Accelerating the mending and union of cracked bones.

– Lower cholesterol.

– Alleviate cardiovascular afflictions.

– Remedy liver infection, pancreatic, sleep deprivation, weakness, ulcers, and stomach related and skin problems.

– Reduce sluggishness and exhaust, asthenia, uneasiness states, a sleeping disorder, and anorexia.

– Enhancing the amalgamation of testosterone.

– Increase energy level.

– Increase in sexual reaction and sperm quality.

– Increase sexual longing and going it to genuine indispensable

– Strengthens erections in the older without feeling feeble

– Promotes fearlessness through sexual execution for quite a while

– Working on the decrease of prostate issues and genital injuries in men

– Tightens the body and gives a feeling of imperativeness, clarity and actuates memory

– Supports the body’s cells amino acids and minerals needed for the digestion cycle

– Regulates the digestion of the cells on account of its high omega-3


This item isn’t proposed to analyze, treat, fix, or forestall any sickness. As usual, if you don’t mind talking with a medical care proficient prior to beginning any eating routine, work out, supplementation, medication program, or in the event that you have or suspect you may have a medical issue. This fills in as data just and isn’t in any capacity intended to fill in for any guidance given by your own doctor specialist or another clinical expert. You ought not to utilize the data contained in this for endorsing any prescription, restoring, diagnosing, or treating a medical condition.


Burn-through 1 sachet of Golden Royal Honey every prior day rest to feel its full impacts the morning after and start the day feeling stimulated.

Golden Royal Honey can likewise be burned-through one hour before any actual action or experience is for an additional lift to your energy levels.


Whenever sachet is opened, burn-through right away. Try not to store.

In the event that you have sensitivities to honey bee dust, nectar, or any honey bee results, kindly don’t devour.

iii. Fretfulness and hyperactivity due to being more lively . This can likewise be an advantage as individuals need more energy and excitement.

Capacity: Keep in a dry spot at room temperature away from daylight.


24 sachets X 10g/Box


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