Etumax Royal Honey For VIP in Pakistan

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Etumax Royal Honey Fo...

Etumax Royal Honey For VIP in Pakistan

Royal Honey For VIP

About: Extracted traditionally from specific wild flowers, Royal Honey for VIP is an instant source of energy for men under 50 that contains no artificial additives.




-        Prevents impotency and early ejaculation

-        Helps in building a muscular and manly physique

-        Revitalizes physical and mental abilities

-        Increases libido and sexual performance

-        Fastens metabolism and results in better health 


-        Supplement for treatment of fertility issues

-        Natural cure for multiple health problems without side effects

-        Nutrition for enhanced mental health

-        Regulator for blood circulation

-        Essential for an energized and charged personality



-        Rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, digestive and metabolic enzymes

-        Contains no chemicals, artificial additives or drugs

-        Pure and instant source of energy

-        Formulated to help in absorption of nutrients

-        Beneficial for muscular, mental and sexual strength



-        Consume a sachet with warm milk / water half an hour to two hours before intercourse once a week

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